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Ewebsystem is a cloud-based POS system that operates on iPads or as a browser-based POS. The software offers tools for all types of retail and restaurant businesses and a 14-day free trial. 

Even at its baseline plan, features can handle busy retail shops that require detailed inventory tracking, customer, and employee management even while offline. And because it is cloud-based, you get remote access to your back office and POS, making the best option for store management.


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The easiest way for new restaurants to sell, manage, and track. And it’s fully customizable.

Online store seamlessly integrates with in-store inventory.

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Order Frequency

Despite advancements in technology, phone orders are still one of the most frequent forms of order.

Dedicated System

Food businesses can be busy, loud and often rushed, making it difficult to hear phone orders clearly which can lead to order mistakes.

Employee Focus

Instead of rushing to answer the phone, your employees can focus on doing what they do best.

From Anywhere

Have a dedicated environment away from the kitchen. Your call centre could be above your restaurant or on the other side of the world, it’s up to you.

Customer Experience

Improved customer service leads to a greater chance of customer satisfaction.

Customer Database

Callers can still receive the best promos and deals when they provide their personal information.

Complete Solution for your Menu, Extra Toppings etc.

Complete Solution for your Menu, Extra Toppings etc.

Complete Solution for your Menu, Extra Toppings etc.

Complete Solution for your Menu, Extra Toppings etc.

Cloud Based VOIP Caller ID

Complete Caller ID with Customer Name, Address, No and Private Note aswell. Call Waiting, Call Logs, Multiple Callers.


Keep everyone seated at the table and order using your phone and let them bring everything to you. Not only that, the bar area can often be very busy, so avoid the queues and get your lunch time order in fast to avoid the queue!

Send Payment Links

Pay Request makes it easy to create payment links and send them worldwide with all your customers, accept credit card payments online.

We connect your account to easily send payment links via your own payment page, no coding required and all leading payment methods.

Message Center

Cloud based Kitchen Messages System, Now you send Kitchen Messages through POS Software without wasting Time on Call.

Sales analytics

Access your reports from a smartphone, tablet or computer anytime, anywhere

View revenue, average sale and profit

Track sales trends and react to changes promptly

Determine best-selling items and categories

View complete sales history

Export sales data to the spreadsheets


Connect directly with your contacts using our SMS messages service.

Marketing Automation
Save time and boost performance by automating your segmentation and marketing messages.


Never run out of stock

Track stock levels in real time

Receive automatic low stock alerts

Send orders to suppliers and track stock receipts

Transfer stock between your stores

Print barcode labels


Orders are categorized into Dine-in, Take Away and Delivery at the POS itself and are displayed in the POS dashboard for the use of the Administrator. This assists in calculating the Dish preparation time, the Kitchen time, and the Customer spent time. This calculation aids in knowing the Average Person Efficiency Cost (APEC) — the ratio between the amount spent and the time spent by an individual in a Restaurant, which serves as a significant determinant for the Restaurant's productivity.


Miss your Order? System allows you to add Backdated Sales.

Backdated POS Transactions

Record the backdated sale, change your Processing Date in the lower right hand corner of the screen and record a sales order and invoice in the customer's account.

Delivery Receipt with complete Customer Detail including Tel Number that you can contact customer.
Including complete Menu and Food Detail.

Call Center Features Solutions for every business

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